“Act-unity” in the spotlight

“Act-unity” in the spotlight
Act-unity: a concept hidden behind a name… Three ideas important to the founders of Act-unity are encompassed in the name they chose for their company.

The first is the concept of unity. Act-unity is the union, under a same trademark, of several independent actuaries. This union brings people together and creates a team spirit around a very large panel of actuarial and risk management skills. All individual areas of expertise are brought together to provide a complete and always expert service to our clients.

Secondly, the four letters actu are highlighted in bold… Actuarial sciences are at the core of the Act-unity services offer. All of our consultants are recognized by the Institute of Actuaries in Belgium and hold the title of IA|BE Qualified Actuary.

And finally, a letter is clearly highlighted in bold and separated from the rest of the name… The U of unity… Pronounced in English, you can ear “You”. Act-unity wants to put the clients in the center of its concerns. All missions are performed by our consultants for you and with you.

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