Act-unity proposes for reinsurance captives two « Solvency II packages »:



These packages of services provide captives with:

1. A full calculation of Solvency 2 Assessment:

  • Balance sheet in Economic Value & SCR calculations
  • The use of an Integrated Process between P1 & P3 and ORSA

2. Use of a robust Process flow:

  • Identification of Data requirements and Data type (own Data, Assumptions, Technical Specifications, Market Parameters, Auditability, Traceability, …)
  • A flexible tool to realize tests of Sensitivity on Parameters;

3. Actuarial function:

  • Documentation of assumptions and models
  • Actuarial activity report

4. Reporting and Supervisor’s requirements:

  • Presentation of results to the Board
  • Gap Analysis with last year results
  • Fulfill of Supervisor’s requirements and EIOPA QRTs