Act-unity sponsor of Winchester FC

Act-unity sponsor of Winchester FC

Winchester FC is a football team of around 20 players registered for the first year in the fifth division of ABSSA (Belgian Saturday Sports Association). The idea came from a group of friends from Walloon Brabant to create their own football team from A to Z. After a year of setting up the project, Winchester FC was born. Proudly wearing the blue and white colors on its jersey as well as the Act-unity logo, the values ​​of Winchester FC are mutual help, solidarity, surpassing oneself and fun through sport.

The club rents the ground of the Beauvechain football club and plays in the fifth division of ABSSA, an amateur championship organized by the non-profit association ABSSA within the limits of Walloon and Flemish Brabant, with the objective of rapidly moving up into higher divisions.

We wish Winchester FC and all its young players a very good season and a great success in their championship!


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