Solvency 2 - Phasing-in 2015

Solvency 2 - Phasing-in 2015

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Solvency 2, we are at your side for the final sprint !


Year 2015 establishes the final straight for the implementation of the standards Solvency 2 which will be of application from January 1st, 2016. The NBB published three circulars on the preparatory measures of the coming into force of Solvency 2:

  • The circular NBB_2013_18: the forward-looking evaluation of the risks (ORSA-FLAOR);
  • The circular NBB_2013_20: the governance system (Pillar 2) ;
  • The circular NBB_2014_02: the communication of information


The last circular last NBB_2014_02 states the contents and the deadlines of the information disclosure. Concerning the governance system and the ORSA particularly this brings us to the first week of June.


Thanks to the acquired experience since a few years with various small and middle sized insurance and reinsurance companies, we can help you by a pragmatic approach based on an all-inclusive price:

  • Realization of a gap analysis and elaboration of a schedule of putting in conformity;
  • Wording of your narrative report;
  • Wording of the main underlying policies (Risk Management, fit and proper, internal control, audit, …);
  • Wording of your ORSA report.


To realize our work, we leverage a library of documents which we developed. Consequently, you benefit from the experience we have accumulated in the domain.

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