Together rising to the surface !

Together rising to the surface !

Dear customers, dear friends,

Three months can be short on the scale of our insurance business… and very long at the same time! For the three last months you and your teams have been adapting to an unprecedented health situation. Social isolation has been the key in the fight against the coronavirus. Act-unity consultants have therefore continued to work “in submarines”, doing their best to provide you with the quality services that you have not ceased to need. In some cases, we had to adapt. In others, we have seen that the efficiency of the services provided was further improved.

A certainty lives in all of us after these 3 months… humanly, we missed each other! We sincerely hope that you have passed through this historic period without damage. And we look forward to seeing you again soon! Take care and let’s profit with reason and intelligence from this well-deserved rise to the surface!

The Act-unity team


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