We have significant experience in setting up a pension plan for you or your staff and in redesigning your existing plan.

We support you in the establishment, management or changing your pension plan:

  • The choice of formula best suited to your business
  • Calculating the cost of the pension plan and the establishment of leveling techniques that cost, if any
  • The calculation of individual rights acquired;
  • The calculation of the minimum legal provision.


We can help you in the control of the 80% rule. With the gradual introduction of the 2nd pillar database (Sigedis – DB2P) the compliance with the 80% rule is more than required. We undertake to collect the data needed to calculate from the various insurers and the calculation of compliance with the 80% limit and deductible premium business expenses.


For the Individual Calculations, in case of disagreement between employee and employer amounts due under the extra-legal pension scheme, we perform calculations and certify our assessments as an expert independent actuary.