IAS 19 applies to accounting in terms of employee benefits.

Employee benefits include:

  • The benefits of short-term staff (salaries, social security contributions, paid leave, variable remuneration in terms of incentives and premiums (payable within 12 months following the end of the period) as well as any non-monetary benefits (cars, etc. );
  • Post-employment benefits (pensions and other retirement benefits, post-employment health care, etc.).
  • Other long-term benefits (leave linked to seniority, jubilee bonuses and other benefits linked to seniority, allowances for long-term disability, etc.).
  • End of employment contract allowances.


These commitments (particularly retirement benefits) represent a significant share of the liabilities on the company balance sheet or require the need for a major evaluation of the latter.

A revised standard IAS 19 entered into force on 1 January 2013. We complete the actuarial calculations of provisions of your social benefits in compliance with this new standard.