Our team was originally composed of 6 senior consultants. All of whom boast many years of experience within the insurance industry.

Since then, the Act-unity team has never ceased growing in size and expertise, welcoming new junior, senior and expert consultants both in Belgium and Luxembourg.

As of January 1st 2020, a team of 14 actuaries is ready to assist you in all kinds of missions. Feel free to discover their profiles just here-below…


The vast majority of our actuaries are IA|BE (Belgian Institute of Actuaries) or ILAC (Institut Luxembourgeois des Actuaires) Qualified Actuary, which guarantees quality work, respect for the ethics code and the application of best actuarial practices.

By combining all our consultants strengths and skills with yours, together we can find a pragmatic solution to your problems…

Meet the team:

  • Jessica has an economy and management background and holds a master's degree in Actuarial Sciences from UCL.

    She made her internship at Act-unity where she developed her skills in VBA programming by participating in the development of an asset management tool. Currently, she is developing a tool enabling the migration of a life insurance portfolio to a new IT platform.

    She is eager to learn and explore all areas offered by the actuarial profession.

    « I have the opportunity to learn the actuary profession with a group of experts. Senior actuaries don’t hesitate to work together to upgrade the level of expertise and to offer quality work to their various clients. »

  • With an experience of twenty years in insurance companies and then a decade as CEO of a firm of actuarial consulting, Luc can give you technical support in project management, coordination and management of multidisciplinary teams, implementation and monitoring of your governance system and risk management. Luc is an expert in life insurance and pensions.

    He spent ten years leading the development team of insurance products of AXA. Then he served as Deputy CEO at Swiss Life Luxembourg and the CEO of Dexia Life and Pensions. Finally, he headed for ten years, the consulting firm Forsides Actuary.

    Luc holds a Master in Actuarial Science from the Université Catholique de Louvain. He is also a lecturer at the University of Liège.

    « What I like is to bring people together, so that the individual qualities are expressed in the service of the collective and a common project. »

  • Olivier is an IA|BE Qualified Actuary and has an experience of 11 years of operational consulting in the actuarial and insurance fields on the Belgian and Luxembourg markets. During this first period of his career, he participated and led many projects including:

    Solvency II implementation projects (Actuarial Function and ORSA reports, Non-life and life business SCR computations, Health cash-flows projection, Non-life internal model development, Pillar 3 and Data Quality projects, Undertaking Specific Parameters calibration, Training teacher about Standard Formula and USP techniques, ...)

    Employee benefits (Portfolios migration, Group insurance management, Reporting and provisioning, ...)

    Economic Scenarios Generator: development and trainings.

    Web and Excel actuarial tools development and process improvement

    Olivier can combine advantageously computer programming skills, applied mathematics techniques and actuarial knowledge to give a proper and pragmatic solution to each actuarial concern.

    « Efficiency, team spirit and applied solutions are the keys of a high quality consultancy. Combining all these aspects, I’m convinced the concept proposed by Act-unity will become your best ally in your daily work. »

  • Maxime has a Master in Civil Engineer with a minor in computer sciences. He made his work for graduation in Python but he masters also other programming languages as Java, C, HTML, MySQL, ...

    He started his job at Act-unity in March 2016. He developed his skills in VBA programming by working on the development of tools relating to portfolio management and Solvency II Pillars 1 & 3. He continues to learn actuarial sciences and began a certificate in Actuarial Sciences in 2017.

    « Initially, the actuarial profession was not my ambition but thanks to my work environment, I feel my skills can be fully exploited. Strong programming skills are always more important in big data and actuarial missions. »

  • Using knowledge gained during 8 years as a successful consultant, Raphaël has explored all areas of actuary industry (Life, Non-Life, Risk Management, Market Risk…). His various assignments made him apprehend how multidisciplinary this business is.

    Raphaël has an economical/actuary background combined with strong IT skills (SAS, Java, SQL, Visual basic…) which make him an insider for all IT, operational, technical or strategic matters.

    Over the last years, Raphaël has gained expertise in the implementation of Solvency 2 and ORSA solutions for local actuary actors.

    In 2015, Raphaël has decided to take up a new challenge and took part in the founding of Act-unity.

    « One major challenge for Insurance companies is to optimise their processes in order to gain efficiency and reaching Solvency 2 requirements at lowest cost. »

    « The most important value for me, as a consultant but also as a person, is trust. Interpersonal trust is essential for achieving professional and private goals. This same interpersonal trust is at the heart of Act-unity. »​

  • Laurent has a master degree in electromechanical engineering offering him strong mathematical background and advanced programming skills (Python, R, C/C++, VBA, SQL,…).

    He started his work at Act-unity while pursuing a master degree in actuarial sciences at UCLouvain.

    « Act-unity enables me to apply my engineering skills to the actuarial sector. I’m lucky to be surrounded and advised by qualified and experienced people in a warm atmosphere. »

  • Issaka started his career in 2009 as Statistical Modeller–Credit Risk Models in the banking industry in France. He developed and applied statistical models to quantify required capital for credit risk in line with regulatory requirements Basel 2. Then, he held a Data Analyst position at The French Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority (ACPR - Banque de France) as Senior Consultant where he worked on the technical implementation of  regulatory projects (S1, S2 , Basel 3, IFRS) and other ad hoc studies and stress tests required by EIOPA, EBA and ECB.

    After that, he specialized in the Actuarial field. He has solid experience and expertise in Actuarial Life, Non-Life and Health. He works among others on Solvency 2 calculations, Solvency 2 narrative reports, certification of technical and mathematical provisions, realization of actuarial reports for Life and Non-Life Insurers, pricing and certify pricing of Life, Non-life and Reinsurance Captives contracts, Asset Allocation under constraints of SCR/MCR optimization, the calculation of the Market Consistent Embedded Value (MCEV), ...

    Issaka holds a Master's degree in Actuarial Science and a second Master's degree in Statistics and Econometrics. Issaka is also a member of the Institute of Actuaries of France.

    « As an Actuarial Science enthusiast, Act-unity offers me an excellent opportunity to be at the cutting edge of actuarial work in an innovation and excellence context. By working as a team, we provide tailor-made solutions to our clients with an extreme concern for client’s satisfaction. Actuarially together! »

  • Cassandra has a background in Accountancy and Finance. During her master's degree, she grew up her interest in quantitative science and topics related. At the moment, she is pursuing a master's degree in Actuarial Sciences at UCLouvain. Cassandra joined Act-unity in September 2018 and has been working in a Employee Benefits mission at Axa Belgium since her entry into service.

    « As a junior actuary it is a great pleasure and a real opportunity for me to work with experienced people who are eager to share their passion and their expertise. With them I’m constantly learning and perfecting myself. I will not hesitate to put my motivation and my enthusiasm at your service ! »

  • With an experience of 15 years in an insurance company Winterthur, he was responsible of Product management in Motor, then he fulfilled the function of COO in Corporate business and finally he was Technical Director in Non Life. Then, he joined a Consultancy firm in actuarial topics in 2007 where he developed and implemented the Solvency II framework. During the year 2014, he was chief actuary at Shipowners, maritime business.

    During his consultancy period, he was active on the Belgian market to support the actuarial issues about Solvency II (Chairman of the Belgian WG Solvency II Non Life, trainings about Valuation of Best Estimate and SCR UW (stochastic), implementation of the ORSA framework (stress tests, scenarios and risk appetite), …).

    He has significant experience and expertise in non life business, regarding products developments, define acceptance rules and cleansing actions, scoring system. He often plays the role of Appointed actuary; he works actively inMerger and acquisition projects.

    Finally, Eric is a Team Manager with a large experience at Winterthur as Director.

    « I consider Act-unity as being a personal accomplishment of my professional life where I may combine fun and professionalism with dynamic colleagues. »

  • Luc started his career as an actuary in 1993 at Coopers & Lybrand, now PwC, in the actuarial consulting team. Between 1997 and 1999 he worked for RVS Insurance, at the time a subsidiary of ING after which he rejoined PwC. In 2003 he started to work with Vereycken & Vereycken as a consulting actuary.

    He has significant experience and expertise in the life and disability insurance businessReviewing technical provisions and actuarial calculations, supporting periodic and ad-hoc reporting and participating in IT related projects are important parts of his daily work. As an IA|BE Qualified Actuary he was and is ‘Appointed Actuary’ for several life insurance companies and participated in numerous actuarial and IT projects.

    « Aside his actuarial expertise, Luc’s profound IT knowledge and programming experience can help build bridges between risk, operational and IT professionals. Data munging and data analysis is bread and butter to him. As an open source enthusiast he strongly believes that the open source philosophy should also apply to his work for clients and between colleagues. »

  • Damien has a Master’s degree in Actuarial Science and a PhD in Mathematics.

    With an experience of 7 years in the insurance company AXA, he had the opportunity to work mainly in the Life insurance business on various subjects like
    - Reporting and process automation,
    - Product development and profitability analysis,
    - Modeling: creation of new tools, validation, …
    - Solvency II: Pillar I, QRT, capital planning, SII assumptions,
    - IFRS17,
    - Tax (belgian and french for savings products),
    - Support to the management,
    - ...

    He likes working both in collaboration but also alone using his hard and soft skills. He thinks providing sound figures is as important as taking a step back to draw important conclusions.

    « As actuarial subjects are always rising in complexity, we always need to challenge ourselves through continuous skills development. I think that providing taylor-made solutions using the knowledge and the expertise of the team is a strong point of Act-unity. Ending a mission with a high client’s satisfaction and a high quality solution is what makes me proud of being part of this team. »

  • Meggie has a mathematical/actuary background. She has 4 years of experience in the life insurance business on both the Belgian and Luxembourg markets including a first experience in consulting services.

    She had the opportunity to work on a wide range of subjects such as: reinsurance, reporting, actuarial report, reserving, profit studies, portfolio studies, product development, Solvency II (ORSA, QRT, EV) with the use of Moses as an ALM model, support to the management and sales department (death and taxation treatment, profit sharing, …), pension annuity portfolio monitoring, … She also worked on some specific topics as liabilities tool migration including the review of actuarial calculations, lapses studies, reviewing reinsurance treaties, …

    Moreover, she has been strongly involved in the EU regulation PRIIPs for one year and a half on the Luxembourg market.

    Her experience gives her the facility to work in collaboration with many departments but also in solo, which is a quality Meggie wants to share with you by providing support as well as taking the lead on a specific and technical subject. Her "teacher" side makes her like to share but she also needs to learn and develop skills.

    « The human and collaborative aspects are crucial for me. Act-unity carries these values and I am convinced this is what makes the difference. »

  • « To Think together with the client, to talk the language he understands, to identify and solve the real problems he faces, that’s what makes Act-unity rise above other consulting firms. That’s what makes me proud and happy to be a part of this fantastic team. »

  • Jürgen is an IA|BE Qualified Actuary with 13 years of experience in the non-life insurance business on both the Belgian and Luxembourg markets. Before joining an actuarial consultancy firm in 2012, he worked for 10 years as a non-life actuary and insurance risk advisor at KBC Bankinsurance Group in Belgium.

    Jürgen has a brought experience in providing on-the-field actuarial support in product development, pricing, reserving, reporting, reinsurance, risk management, etc. ... which he is willing to share with You whether it be in a more operational or in a supporting/managing role.

    Jürgen has a large background in providing independent actuarial advice. As he has taken up the role of ‘Appointed Actuary' for different insurers in Belgium and Luxembourg and is often asked to review or give guidance on a broad range of non-life topics.

    We want to stress out that Jürgen’s expertise - but also passions - can be found in the areas of:

    • - Project management, certainly when a handsome approach requires a strong mixture of both organizational as well as technical skills;
    • - Solvency II, as a former member of the Belgian WG Solvency II Non-Life;
    • - Internal modelling, with a strong affinity for natural catastrophe modelling;
    • - SAS programming, as a strong actuarial study is impossible without data.

    « It’s just amazing how friendship and professional respect can form a “Act”- unity …. full of impatience to share this energy with U(You) ! »